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The Book

‘Monty C. Turtle Learns To Swim is a children’s book written about an Australian Sea Turtle hatchling 

and his journey to learn to swim’.

Set on a Western Australian beach, the story introduces very young children to native Australian animals. It follows Monty, the late-hatching baby sea turtle, who encounters Australian sea creatures. Each creature has their own unique ability, and together they help Monty discover his. Through classic children’s narrative and enchanting illustrations, Monty’s story encourages children to be themselves as the best they can be.

For children ages 0-5 yo

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Example of book

Kara Lauder & Dr Mick Guinea

The Authors

Kara Lauder & Dr Mick Guinea

Dr Mick Guinea, of Charles Darwin University’s Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, is co-author and complements Lauder’s environmental background. Dedicated to the conservation and research of Australia’s turtles, Dr Guinea runs AusTurtle Inc (, supporting and contributing to sea turtle education in order to protect the dwindling species in Australia’s Northern Territory.

28 year-old Lauder has been working in the environmental field for over 5 years. Monty the turtle was inspired by Lauder and Dr Guinea’s turtle research projects, lending an authenticity to the children’s books industry.